Not so much the norm…

I know I’ve not posted any movie reviews in sometime, but I’ve honestly not be able to go to the movies much over the last several months. There have been some great ones that I did get to see, but I ran short on time to sit down and write about them. Under the current situation we find ourselves in, I have found some time to put my thoughts into words and type them out… Granted, this post itself isn’t so much a Disney movie review as it is a review about Disney and one of their movies.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our lives have strayed from the norm. Granted, I work for a local municipality and am still required to come to work everyday. At the time of this posting, we have not had any confirmed cases of the virus in our town. I pray it remains that way. If the virus does arrive here, I’m sure more of my normal will change. I know many are already working from home and having to make adjustments to their eating out schedule, due to the majority of restaurants, even here that have decided to close or limit their accessibility to carry out or curbside service. It warms my heart to see so many doing their part to help in lowering the curve of this virus. It is a time for us to work together and make sacrifices in our norm to help and assist those who are most vulnerable to this virus. Companies like Disney are a shining example of that sacrifice. I know they are a multi-billion dollar powerhouse. But to make the decision to close all their parks is a major hit! They have also decided to pay all their staff throughout the closure. That is literally millions of dollars a day in lost revenue. But one action of theirs struck a cord with me even more so than the decision to close the parks. It was the early release of a major film of theirs…Frozen 2. The norm for these companies is to have a theatrical release, then DVD sales, then they’ll offer it on the subscription streaming services. Disney jumped their release to their streaming service 3 months early. The reason, to give families a positive in a current world being bombarded by the negative. That impressed me. I guess I pay more attention to the actions dealing with movies, because I am just a movie junky. I know there are literally thousands of actions across our Nation and world that are greater sacrifices that people are making for the greater good. In no way am I trying to take anything away from them. It just impresses me when these major corporations react in a way that is helpful or a positive when it’s obvious a hit to their bottom line.

I do hope that the sacrifices you are having to make, pay off in the dividends of helping society as a whole. Please remember to help your local small businesses. Buy gift cards, order take out, use your local food delivery services, stay healthy, look out for each other, and hopefully, sooner than later, I’ll see you in the movie theater.


The Birth of the Purple Lightsaber

Star Wars fans of the original trilogy, know that there used to be only THREE lightsaber colors…red, blue and green.

Well, did you know that Samuel L. Jackson had a purple light saber just because he asked for one? His character is after all the second Jedi only to Yoda.

We have included an interview with Jackson, explaining how the purple light saber came to be as only he can tell it.

*There is some language in this video and not intended for younger audiences.

You can’t help but love this guy!

Good vibes and Disney rides, Darcie


The Lion King…25 years makes a difference

Another chapter has been entered into Disney’s newest body of work in live action remakes. The Lion King, 25 years after the original animated release, has been given a facelift. I guess the use of the term “Live Action” is a bit of a stretch for this one because of the amount of CGI used, but I’m going to go ahead and call it that, because while watching it you don’t seem to realize you are watching CGI. It felt real! It amazes me how far technology has come in the past 25 years. Disney brought the Pride Land to life!

I must admit, it has been far too long since I’ve watched the 1994 animated Lion King. I really wish I had taken the time to watch it prior to seeing the new 2019 version. I like to go back and see how much “shot for shot” they do and to make sure I recognize any new bodies of music and scenes that are different from the original version. I did’t have the chance to do that this time. I am planning on going back one day this week and watching the animated version, which might warrant another trip to the theater as well and watch the new one again.

One of the great things that I’ve experienced while watching this movies is being able to introduce my daughter to them. We own most of the DVDs or digital copies of the movies, but there is something exciting about going to the movies and watching them on the big screen. I can remember as a child how excited I would be to go to the movies. My parents were TV/Movie addicts and I have no doubt that is where I got it from. My father was probably one of the first people in our town to own a VHS player. The apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. So being able to experience this with my family is a pleasure.

As for the movie, it is really on par with the other Disney Live Action remakes. I’m not going to do a full review of the movie, hopefully you’ve seen the animated version. You could seriously write a book about the depth of The Lion King. There are so many wonderful lessons to be taught from the story. There are tons of symbolism. That part is the same with the live action as was in the animated. So, instead of rehashing the same story, I’ll try and focus what’s new. As I stated, it has been awhile since I’ve seen the animated version, so if I misspeak, please overlook me and I may go back and try to correct it after I rewatch the 1994 version.

As for the actors, they were top notch! The same with the original, Timon and Pumbaa steal the show. Seth Rogen was perfect as Pumbaa and he and Billy Eichner played well off each other. John Oliver was a wonderful addition to the cast as Zazu. His twist on the character was refreshing and to me seemed to give it more depth than was in the original. I’m not taking anything away from Rowen Atkinson, he was good as well. Donald Glover and Beyoncé did a fine job as Simba and Nala. The one that I was the most interested to see was Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar. Jeremy Irons has such a distinct voice and vocal cadence I was a bit apprehensive to hear another actor take on the role of Scar. As I said in my review of Aladdin, my biggest let down was the voice of the bad guy. Chiwetel however, was AMAZING! When you combine his voice and the CGI for Scar, I was blown away. He was evil embodied. A true villain on the big screen. You really can’t talk about the voice actors without tipping your hat to the great James Earl Jones. I am convinced no one and I mean no one could be Mufasa better than him. When he is no longer with us, the absence of his voice will leave a void that I’m not sure can ever be filled.

There are a few new scenes and a wonderful reference to Beauty and the Beast that I didn’t remember from the animated version. But going to see this version and expecting a ton of new stuff is not the reason to see the movie, because it’s not there. One of the best reasons to watch this new version is the live action aspect. From the very first shot of baby Simba, I heard my daughter say out loud, “He’s so cuuuuuute!”. I could see her cringe back and recoil a bit as the hyenas sauntered upon the pride as Scar declared himself King. I could see the joy on her face as Simba and Nala pranced and played in the beautiful setting of Simba’s new home. These are things you just don’t get from classic animation. Overall, we all enjoyed the movie. It has action, sadness, joy, fear, and laughter. Anyone who doesn’t enjoy a good fart joke, might be in the wrong movie though. I could hear my father-in-law full blown heehaw laughing at the gaseous nature of Pumbaa. If you were a fan of the original, this remake is a must see. I’ve heard many people complain about all the remakes and how Hollywood doesn’t have any new ideas. If you feel this way, I believe you are missing the point. Back when many of these animated films were made, that was the only medium that could have given them justice. Now, with the technology we have, they can bring some of your fondest memories to life. Don’t short yourself the opportunity to see the Lion King come to life.




WDW History- A Mickey Mouse Airport?

Did You Know that Walt Disney World once had a working private airfield?

In the background, you can see Disney’s Contemporary Resort to the right and Cinderella Castle to the left of the resort.

Walt Disney World Airport was a STOLport- Short Take Off and Landing. It was built in the early 1970s to serve WDW employees, guests and even some celebrities.

Guests traveling along World Drive toward the Transportation and Ticket Center or on the monorail may have seen what’s left of the runway. It was near what used to be the WDW Speedway. Disney has used the strip as a parking and storage lot for its buses.

According to sources, part of the service was provided by Shawnee Airlines to Orlando Jetport at McCoy, now MCO and Tampa International. Was very busy after construction, but could only accommodate 4 aircraft at a time and no hangar space was ever built.

We love this old advertisement! Remember calling collect and calling information for phone numbers? 😉

All passenger service was discontinued by the 1980s, mainly because of the expansion of the WDW Monorail. Imagine Disney legal as commuter jets would fly onto Disney property close to a monorail full of guests.

The original plan was to have an airport on the land that is now the city of Celebration. Orlando International Airport was built in 1976, which would make someone assume that the Walt Disney Company by then had decided to abandon the idea. This is a fun and interesting topic to jump down the rabbit hole to learn more.

Was there another airfield on Disney property? Stay tuned to find out!

Good vibes and Disney rides,