Mobile ordering and mobile ordering etiquette.

F1A5ADD0-FA92-4A9A-BF00-E930C902DC7ADuring my last visit to the Magic Kingdom I decided to give mobile ordering a try.  You see, one of my favorite foods at Disney World is a Dole Whip Float.  I have been known to hop on the bus and head to the Magic Kingdom just for a little bit of pineapple goodness!

The lines at Aloha Isle are usually very long, it was June, and it was very hot.  That’s when I decided to give the mobile ordering a try.  The My Disney Experience app makes mobile ordering very easy and I have a couple of tips to make the ordering process run a little smoother.

Tip #1 Don’t place your order while standing in the pick up line.  This won’t get you through the line any quicker.

Tip #2 Send one member of your family to stand in the mobile order pick up line.

Tip #3 Place your order while waiting in line for a ride and pick up later.  When you get off the ride, head to the restaurant and tap the “I’m Here, Prepare My Order” button, so the kitchen knows to start your order.

Tip #4 Set up the notifications in the My Disney Experience App.   There are over 20 locations that participate in mobile ordering throughout Walt Disney World.   An example, if you’re at Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom and you pass Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe it will alert you that you are in range of a restaurant that has mobile ordering.

Magic Everyday, Kristy





Isn’t it amazing that Mickey Mouse is almost 90 years old 🎂 🎉 and still one of the most beloved and most recognized icons, ever!!❤️

Mickey Mouse (and Minnie) made his official film debut on November 18, 1928 in Steamboat Willie, which was the first short released, but actually the third created. This was Walt Disney’s first role as Mickey.

Mickey has been in some very memorable roles such as The Brave Little Tailor and The Band Concert 🎺 🎻, Epic Mickey games and recently his newest animated series that takes place in modern settings such as New York 🍎 and Paris 🇫🇷 while delivering some hilarious situations with Mickey’s charm and good heartedness. This newest series has been a family fave for years! The fifth season premiered on October 6, of this year! 🎉

Check out Mickey Through the Years and in some of his most iconic roles.

Magic everyday, Kristy & Darcie


Attraction Tuesday

When you hear the name Space Mountain, you either become very excited or a chill runs down your spine with fright! 🤗😨 Florida’s oldest operating roller coaster opened on January 15, 1975 and was the first coaster to be controlled by computers, making this attraction a real trend setter in the 70s.

Whether it’s the allure of this mysterious mountain, hidden within the shadows of it’s own building. The sharp turns, steep drops, the music or it’s speed, (max speed 28 mph 🤫), everyone has a strong opinion about space mountain.

 Besides being one of our fave coasters, we think it happens to have one of the greatest queues in all of WDW, just because it’s inside and in the A/C. 😎 It sure feels like the longest walk ever, until you reach the split to either the Alpha or Omega track and the anticipation awakens! We must point out that there is nothing like the smell of being in Space Mountain. Vintage and homey are two words that come to mind. Lol. Whatever, it is, we love it!😍

You have to admire the Cast Members who keep Space Mountain running so smoothly. They are like a well-oiled machine! On some days, there is no time to even be on your phone, while in line,

🤦🏻‍♀️) because the lines move so fast and your boarding assignment comes so quickly. 🚀

Many of us die-hard Disney fans hope for a malfunction so we can see the rare sight of Space Mountain with it’s lights on! 💡 Rushing to the Peoplemover when Space Mountain is down, shows your true level of Disney fandom. Seeing the tracks with the lights on is amazing and a bit scary! 😉

One thing that sets Disney a part from other theme parks, is their attention to detail. Have you ever noticed the Starport 75 sign? It pays homage to the year WDW’s Space Mountain opened, 1975! 🎉

Magic everyday, Kristy & Darcie


Goodbye, Thank you.

As the news sets in of the passing of another Disney Legend, Stan Lee, fans everywhere stop to remember his talent, his zest for life and his charitable contributions. Most of us remember and will miss his perfectly added cameos. My family always was on the look out for him and was always excited every time we spotted him!

I have to admit, that in the beginning, I was slow to keep up with all of the Marvel movies that were released, but once I caught up, I was hooked. Of course, I love everything that Disney touches. 😘

To have lived such a long and exciting life. To have entertained and touched so many lives. To have had that much talent. Is truly legendary.

Thank you Stan Lee for sharing your talents with us.

You will be forever missed and always remembered.


Magic everyday, Darcie



Money Saving Monday

If you’re a planner like we are, you are always thinking 🤔 of your next Disney vacation!! But, when you are ready to plan and book, do the prices overwhelm you? Have you thought about starting a Vacation Fund 💰  or Vacation Account 💵 at your bank? Why not? 

Think about this… 2020 and 2021 are going to be some of the most exciting years at Walt Disney World Resort! With all that is new and coming (lots more about that later 👍🏻) wouldn’t it be a GREAT time to start saving for your vacation??

Let’s start small… $5, $10, or $20 💰 from each paycheck could be put in a savings account and used only for your Disney vacation! Depending on how many times you get paid per month and how soon you plan to take your vacation. 🌴 The earlier you start, the smaller amount you could take out from each check.

It only takes a $200 💵 deposit to book your Disney vacation. And, the AWESOME thing is, depending on who you book through (The Good Vibe Travel Co. is a great recommendation🤗), you can make payments on your vacation up to 30 days prior to check-in! LAYAWAY your Disney vacation?? 🤩 How AWESOME is that?? 🎉 Definitely gives you good vibes right in the feels! 🌴

Think about how you would like to start saving 💰for your next vacation and follow us on every Monday for #moneysavingmonday tips from your fave Disney Vacation Planners.

Magic everyday, Kristy and Darcie 🌴